Friday, December 12, 2014

All About Outdoor Kinetic Scupture

Kinetic wind sculptures is a modern art direction amounting to a number of trends, movements and groups concerned with representation and involvement in the visual arts movement. When we speak about outdoor kinetic wind sculpture we are referring to free flowing objects created by artists with the purpose of drawing attention to them and inspiring viewers. These are not the usual constructions one may expect to encounter while walking, but spectacular works of art designed to create a feeling of infinity.

What does an outdoor kinetic sculpture represent?

On one hand, such Kinetic wind sculpture tends to create the illusion of movement by optical methods (Op Art), in which the moving object or perceived simultaneously becomes a pretext to represent the movement itself as pure phenomenon issued figurative total support based on dynamic qualities of relationships formal color (Bridget Riley, Carlos Cruz-Diez), on the other hand, and this is within the specific kinetics creations incorporate physical movement or is a kinetic process. In turn, this area has its specific dynamism of its divisions, most artists experimenting with various ways. Sometimes we have in common any extension of the frond with Dada, Yaacov Agam artists like Jean Tinguely, Bruno Munari, Pol Bury taking the machine metaphor ironic way sometimes, as Alexander Calder, Vassilakis Takis Len Lye or, animating mechanical or natural forces and effects unpredictable marks the opening to play randomly.

One way is the latest bright motion, whether triggered objects are endowed with light effects, whether the impression of movement is created by light rhythmic density (David Roy) or that finally works arise from projections light, Julio Le Parc, Paul Friedlander or N group members from Italy (Garcia Rossi, Francisco Sobrino).

These concerns lead naturally to an art-show, the ambience constrcţii Tower Nicolas Schöffer information, architectural ensembles or Yaacov Agam's urban decoration.

The direction which kinetic sculptures tend to

As with abstract expressionism, we are witnessing a shift of interest towards aesthetic aesthetic experience (see also: Action painting). We note a very large number of artists experimenting in this area better known by several names:
  • Bridget Riley
  • Ronald Mallory
  • David Ascalon
  • Yves Klein
  • Gilles Larrain
  • Yaacov Agam
  • Jesús Rafael Soto,
  • Victor Vasarely
  • Theo Jansen
  • Youri Messen-Jaschin
  • Michael Millevolte

All these authors are well known for the outdoor kinetic sculpture creations they realized and which now benefit from international exposure. Nonetheless, new advancements in this domain are registered on a weekly basis, and we can always expect to see great kinetic sculptures even if from a relatively unknown author.

Concern for the movement as a dimension of reality is not new. We can mention here syncretism, which combines different elements of thought and to converge various modern trends regarding the environment, performance and action. Contemporary art departed from metaphysical significance of the movement. Current approach binds car revolution, the new sense of temporal, from time-Bergsonian duration, time evolution and mobility of relativity, the whole dynamic of the technical civilization has imposed everyday existence.

In conclusion, the domain of kinetic wind sculptures is a highly fascinating one and we should always appreciate the opportunity of being able to see such creations. Each work of art is unique and different from all others, even though the feeling of infinity is a charactersitic specific to these sculptures.

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